Online Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing

As a Client you are constantly faced with the challenge of selecting the right candidate for your vacancies & organisation's continued success in a timely and cost effective manner. BP Resourcing can help you achieve this by carrying out initial screening of applicants and potential candidates by using its Psychometric testing program, the application of Ability and Aptitude tests . Proven to be most effective in Graduate Recruitment!

The Aptitude tests can be either managed online for individual applications or administered under timed examination conditions for group applicants. The choice is yours. To register a vacancy or for further information please fill out our contact form.

Career Counselling

Whether you are a recent graduate looking for work for the very first time, or currently in work searching for a new job or just keen to explore your career options BP Resourcing will be happy to discuss & identify your personal motivations and career aspirations/goals and support you on your career path to success!

We offer advice on CV Writing Skills, Interview Preparation and Online Psychometric Testing services. To register your CV or details please email:


Why take a Psychometric test anyway ?

Today many companies within the Pharmaceutical & Biotech industries now use a Psychometric Test during their Graduate Recruitment or Selection programs.

The information that is gained from a test will be used as additional information alongside any interview to establish where you may be best placed within a company.

From a candidates point of view the tests can help you in finding work, or a career that you will be best suited to.

It also gives you the opportunity to identify your strengths, so why not take a FREE test now with peoplemaps (


BP Resourcing also has relationships with online testing units that are able to provide small or large scale recruitment facilities for Ability, Aptitude and Personality testing.

This allows for speed, flexibility and reduction in cost.

Alternatively BP Resourcing's trained test administrators can carry out a more formal method of testing for those employers who prefer a more traditional approach, i.e. under test examination conditions.

If you require a psychometrics service please fill in contact form.




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